Blogger Spotlight - Closet Visit

L.A. based artist Jeana Sohn is taking wardrobe envy to new heights with her website Closet Visit, where she stops by the homes of some incredibly stylish ladies, camera in hand, to document the lust worthy items in their closets. Through Closet Visit, Jeana allows her readers to take a peak into the closets of some truly creative women whose careers include granola maker, blogger, film director, and fashion designer. The wardrobes of these women are equally diverse, each of them showcasing some truly unique pieces of clothing and an eclectic mix of designer and vintage goods. After each visit Jeana posts a series of dreamy photos on the blog along with a personal style interview, getting the details on these ladies' favourite designers, places to shop, and their style icons. Closet Visit is a fresh and unique fashion blog and is chalk full of style inspiration and advice that you can easily interpret into a closet of your own. To check out the site click here.

[photo credits - Jeana Sohn]

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