Artistic Spotlight - Alexander Blackburn

Alexander Blackburn, a freelance illustrator, makes some of the quirkiest illustrations I've seen to date. He uses pencil drawings as well as digital composition in photoshop to make his works. The stuff on his website is quite different. As he states "the current work on my website a lot of that work was done with winsor newton water mixable oils and liquin medium. I have a great opaque projector that I use to project my drawings on canvas. It help avoid getting wonky drawings or making a grid on the canvas, so it saves a lot of time."What struck me most about his work is how characters from children's fiction become caricatures of themselves. The exaggeration used creates a really interesting effect. When asked about his Wizard of Oz theme he states "For a while I had a strong focus on the tinman from the Wizard of Oz. I wanted to rewrite his life story into a musical. But that was my thesis project at OCAD so it was never fully completed." Either way, it's always fun to see characters we're used to suddenly remade.

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