Artistic Spotlight - Ania Stypulkowski

Ania attended the OCAD program in Florence for a European education. "My peers in Florence became like a family, I have never received such constructive criticism and had so many intense discussions about religion, art, and the meaning of life. Not to mention the fact that I got a chance to see Renaissance artwork in its home and context." The ability to see what your studying up close sounds like the best of all possible educations. She likes to combine mediums and this has been one of her greatest challenges at school. As she states, "I never understood the boundaries between drawing, painting, illustration and material art. I just want to make everything: dresses, comics, murals..." The themes in her artwork are anything that makes her happy. "Right now the best thing I can do for the universe is to create more positive things instead of nihilistic work. As Oscar Wilde wrote 'It's perfectly easy to be cynical.'" I agree, the upbeat aspect of her work, and her ability to create humour, are what make her works stand out. To see more of Ania's artwork click here.

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