Artistic Spotlight - Christine Jones

Christine Jones, a graphic designer from Scotland with a Bachelors in Fine Art, makes incredibly peaceful works that just calm your mind. When asked about the themes in her work she talks of love, romance, the banal, loss and memory. At the moment her favourite medium is pencil but she also enjoys oil paints. When asked about her art school experience she has good reviews. "Loved it, pretty much all positive. Studying with really great peers and basically 4 years of self indulgence and access to great facilities, workshop, studio, lectures, library, etc. Challenges were and still are, talking about about my work."
When she's not doing design work she tries to concentrate on her own art practice, which is at the moment drawing. A project she's consumed with right now, that will also be taking her to spain soon, is Still Cause - a reinvestigation through drawing of Gerda Taro's heroic photographic reporting from the first year of the Spanish Civil War. When she's not doing that she loves to wander around with her camera and, as she states, "doing a lot of nothing". Perhaps something the rest of us are in need of! Her pencil drawings, and the simplicity of her work, are really captivating and I suggest you check out her website for sure! To do so click here.

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