Artistic Spotlight - Fionn McCabe

Fionn is a freelance illustrator, designer and fine artist who just moved from Boston to LA. Previously he attended the Massachusetts College of Art for printmaking. "Art school was great, though even a state school like the one I attended incurs too much debt. Aside from some amazing professors I would say the best thing school does is put students in contact with talented peers. That is certainly the thing I value most, I still work with a number of artists from school including Nate Wellman and Arthur Henderson who I run the Oh Nancy Collective with." Fionn's favourite medium is drawing with ink, just black ink, and silk screen as well.
When asked about the themes in his work he states "My work tends to focus on social roles/interaction, often times within the art world itself. The formation of ideas is another theme in my work, an attempt to illustrate a creative process rather than one idea in particular (though that does happen on occasion). My work is fairly self centered so most of the issues I address involve me directly. I am also happy to draw without any plan at all and just see where my brain takes me." Clearly his brain takes him to cool places. His artwork seems like a combination of every aspect of life, cartoons and astronauts to name a few, but it always becomes somewhere new. Currently he's working on a graphic novel, which is definitely something one would expect from his artistic style. He's also working on some pieces for a show in Brooklyn and a number of "ideas/drawings/short stories/sculptures". When asked where he sees himself in the future he states "Here is just fine. There is good to". To check out his artwork click here.

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