Artistic Spotlight - Hannah Barczyk

Hannah Barczyk is an artist who likes to tango in her free time. The OCADU graduate enjoys using different coloured pens and experimenting with ink to create her colourful and cheery works. What really struck me about Hannah's artworks are the bright colours and patterns - mood uplifters for sure. Some of the themes in her artwork revolve around global issues such as global warming or themes of love and relationships. At the moment she's experimenting with pattern design and starting to use hand lettering. When asked about the response to her work she states "I have been recognized in American Illustration and Creative Quarterly, which are some of the best artist annuals to have your name in, so I feel like the response to my artwork has been good. It's always good to hear positive feedback but to be open to critique." Hannah's career is definitely on the rise. In the future she wants to live near a beach, have a super cool studio, and go dancing in the evenings. Sounds pretty awesome to me. To check out her artwork click here.

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