Artistic Spotlight - Jackie Musial

Art school has taught Jackie Musial that she can thrive on very little sleep and that poutine and potato chips are acceptable before 10am. The life of an illustrator ain't all easy, that's for sure. When asked about the themes in her work she states that she has to be flexible. "As an illustrator, one is required to create artwork based on any provided theme. This is challenging, but extremely rewarding when you come to a strong visual soltuion." She likes to employ subtle humour into her assignments and in her free time she likes to draw polar bears and bicycles.
Having a website has got her an internship at Team Macho and has served as a visual bookmark to see how she has grown and changed as a artist. In the future she wants to be working in Toronto and living with fellow artist Erin McPhee (click here to see our article on Erin). She also hopes to eventually move to Montreal. A very cool city indeed. To check out her artwork click here.

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