Artistic Spotlight - Jocelyn Catterson

Jocelyn Catterson is just finishing up high school but already her photographs are showing the eye of a pro. In the fall she's going to be going to school for environmental photojournalism at the University of Montana and I couldn't think of a more fitting program for her. Her photos involve a fascination with nature. Growing up in Colorado the natural world inspires her and she spends as much time outdoors as she can. Her photographs are really truthful in terms of the way they are without pretense and appear to be a look into the everyday life of a beautiful world.

But back to her photos. She enjoys using film and especially the aspect of working in a darkroom and the way film receives light. As she states "it's much more hands-on and authentic to me than digital photography." I completely agree! Her photos have that diary feel because of the use of film For the past year or two she has been using her grandpa's old Canon Rebel 2000 but she's not against a little digital. "I do edit my photos: I try to take out a lot of the scratches on the photos after I scan in the negatives, and maybe lighten up areas that turned out darker than they were suppose to. That's all." Jocelyn just finished up a project called "This Wind", which is a handmade, multi-media book that is currently on display at her school. It has writing, paintings, and tons of photographs all put together in about 50 pages. Essentially it's a product of her love for nature. She's also working on a project called "Saving the Outdoor Lab," which is a project to bring awareness to the recent suspension of the Outdoor Laboratory School in her county and hopefully help to raise money so that the school may continue to run in the future. To check out Jocelyn's artwork and her current project be sure to check out her website by clicking here.

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