Artistic Spotlight - Julie Lansom

Julie Lansom sounds like the coolest cat ever. She's 23 and currently living in Paris finishing her master's degree at the Institut Fran├žais de Presse. For cameras she uses a Minolta XG-M, Canon A1, Olympus mju II and a old Foca her grandma gave her. What I admire about her work is that she doesn't edit, as a matter of principle. "I only scan them. It would be like "cheating" for me. No ok it's a bit strong but if I wanted to edit them I think I would do digital." I'm always so impressed by those who are able to take good photos rather than make good edits. Either way, her shots are amazing. When asked about the themes in her photos she states "I basically take my friends in photos in our everyday life. With my friend Amandine, who is on almost all my photos, we always complain about how not photogenic is Paris and how lucky are all these people surrounded by amazing landscapes. We're just jealous actually. Sometimes we set up "photoshoots" but it's only when we're really bored, have already smoked too many cigarettes, don't have any money to spend and don't know what to do with our day."
When asked about her current projects she states "I need to get my arse to work and write my dissertation. That should be the most important project. But i'm planning to go to Amsterdam, Switzerland, North Italy. I also wanna go and live in the United States, or Sweden, take my friends with me and keep taking photos. And no, I never include a real job when I plan things for my future. I'm gonna have problems later, I know that. I have to find a rich husband soon." haha! Sounds like a plan. To check out Julie's awesome photos please click here! They are worth the visit.

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