Artistic Spotlight - Lauren Treece

Lauren Treece is a gallery artist from Minneapolis who likes to work with polaroid film. As she states "The unpredictability of this medium can be both rewarding and disappointing. It's the balance of this that makes polaroids so exciting to work with. It ultimately produces a single photograph that is much more precious and rare when it turns out the way you want it to." She doesn't use editing programs but manually manipulates 35mm film during processing. With her polaroids, she manipulates them by adding cold or heat while they are developing. When asked about the themes in her artwork she says "I think I am drawn towards photography that looks like it shouldn't be possible or tangible. So hovering on the brink of lucidity and dreams is probably what is seen most throughout my work." She's currently working on other mediums alongside her photography. "My biggest project is a touring puppetry performance, building marionettes and gypsy carnival acts to take on the road. We started a new theater group called Silent Bell Theater that will consist of mostly puppetry and music, as well as some stop motion animation movies." Sounds like the coolest side project ever. To check out Lauren's artwork click here.

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