Artistic Spotlight - Sean Fitch

Sean Fitch hasn't been doing much "art" these days since he's become an art director but, looking back at his previous works, there's definitely lots to take note of. While at OCAD he realized that he was very passionate about the conceptual process, thinking creatively and solving problems in unexpected ways. So he started branching out from illustration into branding, design, and entrepreneurism and applying his skills in new arenas. "I really feel strongly that art school is completely what you make of it. You can get spat out the other end with no sense of direction, or you can use the uncertaintly to your advantage - learn, play and find your own path - even if the administration doesn't make it easy for you to do so."
Sean's favourite medium is watercolour and inks with mixed medium. "I was always drawn to the spontaneity of the medium, and I liked that you guided the paint, but let it do it's own thing. There's something immediate about watercolours that I don't think there is with oil or acrylic." In the future he wants to be working in social entrepreneurism, not for profit and the arts. As he moves away from the corporate world to where his conscience guides him, he'll hopefully get back into painting. With artwork like his, I hope he does! To check out Sean's illustration and design work click here.

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