Artistic Spotlight - Teagan White

Teagan White, a freelance illustrator living in Minneapolis, is currently finishing up her third year at Minneapolis College of Art & Design and, though it's early in her career, her work is definitely worth checking out. When asked about her art school experience she states "The range of classes and amount of techniques and theories you can learn at art school is what really pays off. I've tried to take advantage of that, taking courses in papermaking, bookmaking, typography, oil painting, philosophy, etc. A challenge for me is to fit the type of work I want to do into class assignments within my major (illustration), which tend to have a lot of specific parameters which feel limiting to me. However, my instructors tend to be very understanding about it and I enjoy the work that I'm able to produce." Her favourite medium is always changing but she has continuously come back to ink and graphite as well as the look of charcoal though she does not enjoy how messy it is. "More important to me than the medium itself is how I use it -- I tend to work slowly and build up a lot of detail, so any material that allows me to work at the right pace and achieve fine detail satisfies me."
Broadly speaking a lot of her work is inspired by elements of nature. She tends to focus on life cycles, decomposition, sub-terrestrial life but she is also interested in antiquities, anything man-made that has been discarded because it is no longer relevant in an ever-changing world. For the past nine months she's been focusing on a body of drawings entitled "Everything is a Cycle" that explores life cycles and relationships between different organisms. Currently she's working on some children's books. I find her style aesthetically please, especially her typography work featured below. How much I would love to have that Braided font below. To see her portfolio for yourself click here.

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