Blogger Spotlight - Anabela of Fieldguided

I've recently become a follower of Fieldguided, a blog created by Anabela from Toronto. Her photographs are amazing and her eye for interior design and overall style are definitely worth checking out. When asked about her aesthetic sense she states "I feel as though this probably evolved organically, through a combination of experimentation and immersion." To check out the interior of her house click here. The white washed walls and quirky accessories make the place a dream.
Her blog started out as a class assignment for her master's degree in Library studies and it has expanded to a shop as well. As she states "I started the shop originally to sell some ties that I had made -- I made one for a friend as a gift and people asked me to make more. At the moment we're trying to focus on accessories, such as tote bags. We occassionally offer items featuring Geoff's illustrations as well, such as the calendar we had for 2011 and a Valentine's card we made." She has been working her the spring line for a long time and hopes to have more items available soon.
Anabela likes to strike a balance between ladylike and tomboy in almost everything she does. "I like the prettiness of the ladylike and the slouchy ease of the tomboy." It's definitely a great mix! But style isn't the only thing great about her blog. Her recent experience with a psychic has made me want to visit one too. "It was a psychic reading involving tarot cards, and it was pretty cool! I know that I'm a bit gullible but I burst into tears at one point when she tole me to expect certain things to happen. It suddenly felt like the most comfortable hug." Whether real or scam it doesn't really matter; it sounds like a fun experience. And where does she see herself in the future? "According to the psychic, I'll be working in media! So who knows!" To check out Fieldguided and enjoy Anabela's quirky style click here.

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