To the Streets - Chuck N.

I met Chuck at Ottawa Fashion Week last month and thought you guys should check him out too! Chuck dresses simply but his choices are impeccable - and he's 16. We were chatting about his outfit and I found out he's another diy-er. The vest above was a blazer turned into something new. His blog named The Aloof Hipster (he's actually really sweet and not one bit aloof) is about substance and style. As he states "I always try to include my thoughts through prose, the only thing that is authentically of my own creation." But his style is a great part of the blog as well and it's refreshing to find someone whose okay with being a "hipster".

Chuck recently started a magazine called Aloof that's going to be published soon. Can't wait to see the result! We'll be posting a review here but until then you can check out the online version on his blog. And where does he see himself in the future? "Ideally, I'd love to either be in New York or Paris in the future either working for a working for a magazine (maybe even ALOOF) or owning my own boutique. Yes, I know, my dreams are very utopian, but what can I say? You gotta dream big, eh?" To see more of Chuck's style click here.

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  1. again, thanks lee! i really appreciate it! this is a great way to end a sunday night writing a french book report!


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