Video - Chloé Spring/Summer 2011

This video is pure genius. The new collection by Chloé is inspired by classical ballet and is rendered beautifully in this short clip. The female dancer is Janie Taylor who has been a prima-ballerina for New York City Ballet for the past 15 years. The dresses are soft and flow oh-so-well as the choreographer, Justin Peck twirls her around. He wanted to capture the multi-dimensionality of ballet, he states: "You always see ballet from the front. Here was an opportunity to show it from the side, from the back, from every angle, and create a really unique viewing experience." This video was found on the website Nowness, to check out more inspiring posts click here.


  1. I agree with Lee. The video is delicate yet strong. Wow!


this is the hook, you like it.