Artistic Spotlight - Aëla Labbé

Aëla Labbé, a contemporary dancer and freelance photographer from Bretagne, France, takes mesmerizing folky photos. A lot of her photos seem to look to a previous time and have a deep connection with nature. In terms of portraits, her photos contain elegant movements inspired by her training in dance. As she states, "I see photography as by essence connected to dance, so the body language and its expressive power is an important element… as well as the composition in space (most of the time in the nature) and “time” (with a strong feeling of nostalgia)." Her interest in photography began three years ago, when an injury, and a long recovery, caused her to look for other ways to get back into life and rediscover its beauty. As such, she uses photography to generate and share emotions as well as to escape reality and enter her own dream world.
My favourite photos are the ones she takes of children. In particular, her "Jeanne" series on flickr is somewhat spooky. She portrays Jeanne as a spirit figure and the use of double exposure and eery scenery create a dialogue and story within these photos. To see more of her work, you can check out her flickr by clicking here. To check out her etsy shop, where you can purchase cheap prints, click here.

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