Artistic Spotlight - New Works by Jen Mann

Jen Mann sent over some of her new works and they're really spectacular. Compared to her previous works featured on this site they're a lot more colourful, and it works! When asked to describe her new works she states, "They're called Subconscious vista - which I am planning a show for sometime this summer in Toronto hopefully. They are all dreamscapes, places that don't exist, birds guide the viewer through this spirit world, and help tell the story of the character in each painting. The subjects are mystical, and belong to our subconscious, telling us stories of ourselves, and our own world." She's also working on another series as well about toxic beauty. When asked to describe her new series she states, "They're girls mixed and merged with flowers that are poisonous. It's actually astonishing how many common flowers are toxic." To see her artistic spotlight with The Fashion Press click here. To check out more of her works click here.

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