Artistic Spotlight - Nuria Rius

Nuria Rius, an artist born in Barcelona who now lives in London, started her career at the age of 14. "It all started when I was fourteen years old in my mum’s butcher shop. I started my professional career there, doing the best burgers at the Market, a job that I combined with my studies in Arts." Strange combination indeed but since then she's gone to great places. After finishing her degree, she decided to study photography for four years at the Institut d’Estudis FotogrĂ fics de Catalunya. In 2002 she earned a prize of Lux Junior. Since then she has had personal and collective exhibitions and continues to work as a freelance photographer with commercial work for Wranger, Levis, and H&M.
Her images are incredibly raw though she is anything but amateur. Maybe it's the dirtiness of the hallways, and her ability to show exactly what's there, that makes her work stand out. Her works expose what's behind the gloss but also contain an element of sympathy for her subjects. To check out Naria's artwork click here.

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