Book Review - Bad Day Magazine

It's awesome when you find a publication that fits so completely with your lifestyle. Though I've mentioned Bad Day Magazine before, this issue in specific is definitely worth another mention. A few days after watching Somewhere, doing an art history essay on Vanessa Beecroft, studying about Jeff Wall, and planning on how to set up my porfolio website on indexhibit, Issue 10 of Bad Day arrives in the mail, and guess what, it talks about all four. This issue includes interviews with Sophia Coppola, Vanessa Beecroft, Jeff Wall, and Daniel Eatock (one of the creators of indexhibit) as well as Panda Bear, Thomas Persson and Brendon Flanagan. An awesome read for sure! To check out more of Bad Day Magazine click here.

[image credit - bad day magazine]

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  1. This is so weird because I was just figuring out Indexhibit too...

    Never heard of this mag before but it sounds cool and it's nice that it's based in TO. Gotta get my hands on a copy. Thanks for sharing :)


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