Event - Hotshotcasino May 5th

On May 5th the boys will be playing at Live Lounge to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and the arrival of summer time. The show starts at 9pm. Come eat guacamole and listen to groovy music! Click here to see more details. On a side note, today (May 2nd) marks the final day of Pascal Huot's 100 day challenge. Like I previously mentioned, Pascal has taken on writing/recording/releasing a song every day. It must feel pretty damn good to be done. Congratulations! Click here to check out the 100 tunes.
This photo-shoot happened on a very rainy day. We were limited to stay indoors so we decided to get creative. Thanks to Jack Daniel's, burnt popcorn and RUSH we were able to find inspiration. Check out the sweet video below for behind the scene footage of our afternoon.

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