Artistic Spotlight - Elena Ayllon

Elena Ayllon was born in Madrid, grew up in Tokyo, and then returned to Madrid to study photography and work for an art gallery. When asked how her interest in photography began she states "the world moves so fast, I use photography to try to stop time." At the moment she works with a 35mm old Canon and a Polaroid camera because film has a "special touch." This summer she's going to begin working with pinhole cameras with a German photographer. She doesn't edit her photos but prefers high iso films for colour and black and white. She also loves Kodak Tri-x Film. But that's all the mechanical stuff.
In terms of the subjects within her photos, she aims to provoke feelings. As she states, "The camera is my tool to express and create images connected with me, like a painter with its brush. I consider myself more of an artist than a photographer." All of her photos are of a very personal nature. As she states, "I like to show my life as a diary." She finds herself inspired by other photographers and is very into "this independent analogue photography movement," a movement which seems to be on the rise. To see more of Elena's work visit

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