Do It Yourself - The Friendship Bracelet

As a follow up to another favourite diy of mine - the bolt bracelet - I present the friendship bracelet. Very popular during my childhood and quickly picking up speed again, these bracelet are super easy to make. Pick up some colourful string at the dollarstore and start knotting away. I saw a really good step by step guide on Honestly WTF, you can check it out by clicking here.
.... and what my arms will look like by next week.
...and if you're feeling a bit lazy you can pick one up at H&M like I did. After seeing the tutorial though my hands are gonna be busy knotting from now on. Enjoy!

[photo credit - jak and jil, Honesty WTF]

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  1. they are so beautiful..hope i can give that to my friend..wanna have one

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this is the hook, you like it.