Style Inspiration - Jim D.

Jim, a 22-year-old art history student from France, has a simple take on fashion and describes his style as minimal/vintage. As he states, "My style is a lot of vintage and second hand pieces mixed with some basics, but i think my style is more minimalistic." His look is simple with a preference for flannel shirts but it all ends up looking very class.
Jim started his blog and lookbook because he likes the idea of street fashion rather than magazine fashion, but with the craze of blogs the divide between the two is starting to become a grey area. To me, Jim fashion appears magazine worthy and his preference for above the knee shorts is something I'd love to see in Ottawa. Very cool! In the future he wants to live in a small house in the woods, always barefoot and with long hair. Sounds like fun! To check out Jim's blog click here. To check out his lookbook click here.

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