Artistic Spotlight - Sarah Tue-Fee

Sarah Tue-Fee, a Fine Arts Major at University of Ottawa, uses film stills and promotional movie images as references for her work. She tries to link the time-based film medium to painting, which is largely based on still moments. As she states, "It's fan art, but with a conceptual backing, so it's okay." When asked about her favourite materials she talks about oil paints. "I find that there's so much more you can do with them due to the extended drying time and looser texture. Plus it looks 'sexy.' Her works have a sex appeal to them that adds to this effect of the oil paints.
When asked about the connection between education and artistry, she believes that is has helped her practice. "The studio classes especially have given me concrete experience with new materials, as well as new ways of thinking about art. The history classes also inform some of the conceptual frameworks." At the moment she's renting out studio space at the Universtiy and experimenting with a bunch of different styles. Sarah also works with film! A couple of months ago we posted her video with Howie Tsui. Click here to check it out. To check out Sarah's blog click here.

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