Music Review: Wu Lyf - Go Tell it On The Mountain

Wu Lyf first drew internet whisperings after posting up a few of their early recordings in 2009. Since that time, they've been defined partly by their inacessibility. In this twitter age, they refused all interview and label requests, choosing instead to record their first album independently in an abandoned church.

Go Tell It On the Mountain is sure to be a polarizing album, with listeners either deciding they cannot get used to lead singer Ellery Roberts' distinctive wail, or else allowing themselves to get lost in the bands unique sound.

For this listener, the album really begins to flow a few songs in. The strech of six songs from Such A Sad Puppy Dog to 14 Crowns for me and Your Friends flows effortlessly and is sure to soundtrack many summer picnics and backyard barbecues in 2011.

Wu Lyf - We Bros

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