Video Review: Battles Take It Away with LaBlogotheque

La Blogotheque is continuously celebrated for its passion for sharing music through words and images. They consistently manage to do so with their Take Away Shows; this one featuring New York based trio, Battles, is no exception. The folks are at it again, this time however, in an expansive lounge in the city hall of Paris, France where the experimental rockers perform Wall Street and Futura from their upcoming album Glossdrop. Both songs occasionally seem to be all over the place and, at one point, don't seem to go anywhere but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Battles manage to pull the various melody sequences together while La Blogotheque supply us with one of their most visually compelling videos to date. The editing accomplished in this gem is insane and paired well next to the intricate, multi-layered harmonies found in this Take-Away session. To check out La Blogotheque click here.

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this is the hook, you like it.