Do It Yourself - The Knot Bracelet

My favourite blogger, The Man Repeller, calls them arm parties and I've been really into them this summer. They include loads of colourful bracelets running up your arms and they're also easy to create. If you haven't seen the other diy bracelets on this site click here for the bolt bracelet and click here for the friendship bracelet. For the knot bracelet, I was inspired by a bracelet sold on the forever 21 website. All you have to do is get coloured string and use as many colours as you like. I personally like thinner bracelets but if you enjoy the chunkier ones just add more string. Then tie loads of knots with them and then add a clasp. Voila!


  1. A plain white dress with this accessory and a similar stole. That would be a fashion statement.

  2. WOW! this stuff are really fabulous! Love the outfits.


this is the hook, you like it.