Fashion Press Updates - Behind the Scenes and New Staff!

The pass few weeks have been pretty busy for The Fashion Press. Deadlines for issue three are coming up and new members are joining! Here are a few shots from behind the scenes of our most recent photo shoots with the combined theme of "dancer in the dark," which included some underwater shots and a studio visit. You can look forward to seeing the photo shoots in our next issue, which comes out this fall.

Also, welcome to Chuck N. from The Aloof Hipster, he will be our new male fashion editor. So don't worry male readers, you will not be left out of our issues. Shaya, our intern come staff member, modeled in our recent photo shoot and is writing our director spotlight section for the next issue. Finally, Jess from Hand Down Your Pants has joined The Fashion Press and will be helping out with street style.

Loads to look forward to and we hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer!

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