Last week the Artery volunteer group at the Ottawa Art Gallery hosted the event heART ATTACK to bring young people into the gallery scene. It was a great event for talking about art, making some of your own, and eating goodies! Artery events have a fun and laid-back atmosphere, so next time grab a friend and come along.

Want to know exactly what the Artery group is?
"Here at the Ottawa Art Gallery, we think a gallery ought to be more than just a space with art in it! The Artery Project is a fun and flexible environment for youth and young professionals to experience art and culture. Whether it’s seeing and/or discussing art, films, exhibits; or organizing events, talks, parties; it’s about making connections and having a blast in the ARTS."

But don't take our word for it, pop over and check it out for yourself.
To learn more about the Artery club click here. To join the email list email

[photo credit - Nancy Jones]


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