Artistic Spotlight - John Kilar

John Kilar, a 25-year old photographer from Venice, California, is completely self taught. He started taking photos only a year ago, and it shows, but the amateurish nature of his photos has a charm to it. He uses his Yashica T-4 to takes his shots and doesn't like to edit his photos with any major changes, just a bit of adjusting in Apple Preview. As he states, "I like to keep my photos as natural as possible."
This search for naturalness finds its way into the subject matter of his work. As John states, "I prefer nature over people," but he'll take photos of anything and everything that comes his way--"anything I find visually appealing." When asked to describe his work as a whole John says, "My whole body of work is a perpetually evolving project documenting my adventures and travels." You can check out his charming photos by clicking here.


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