Artistic Spotlight - Kitty Gallannaugh

Kitty, a 21 year old portrait and fashion photographer from London, England, began photography early on. As she states, "Part of me has forever been photographing, as a kid I would just casually photograph everything I saw whether it was through the car window, my socks or my family. By 13 I got into digital photography and taught myself how to edit with Photoshop; that was the beginning of my obsession." Kitty always edits her photos. As she states, "Without editing I feel they're too "vulnerable"-- they haven't the artist's final trademark stamp put on them. I try to do as little editing as possible and spend the longest time setting up each shot to ensure I won't have too much to enhance/change. I only ever touch the colours, either muting or brightening certain areas. The contrast is always fiddled with and I occassionally will change the lighting if I feel it isn't completely "right". Otherwise, I don't do anything overly fancy." At the moment you can pick up a free curve for photoshop on her website in order to emulate her look.
To take her shots she uses her Canon 5D Mark II and finds herself inspired by the works of Tim Walker, Annie Leibovitz and Sally Mann. When asked about her current projects she states, " usually keep them very secret but don't see any harm in hinting towards them! I'm working on a couple of new series - something to bring back the sleepy summery feeling and something to capture the wild youth." We look forward to it! To check out more of Kitty's work click here.


  1. Oh i admire kitty! So hardworking how i wish i can also be like her. Nice post by the way.

  2. You're killing me with that tight <a href=">Club dresses</a>, I just love it!

  3. I like the photos very much. There is such a mystery, some story hiden somewhere there.

    Btw, amazing blog.
    Greets from Poland


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